About Us


To develop a statewide support network that promotes and advocates for equity-focused, research-based social and emotional learning in schools and communities to improve the well-being of all young people and adults.

We believe...

  • that all children and adults benefit from social and emotional learning.
  • that identities, strengths, values, lived experiences, and culture of students, parents, family, and community members should be amplified through the development of social and emotional learning research, policies, programs, and practices.
  • that students develop social and emotional learning skills when they are modeled by adults in their lives.
  • that students benefit when schools support the development of social and emotional learning skills for families, teachers, staff, and administrators.
  • in an integrated, coordinated approach to the development and implementation of school and district academic, social and emotional learning practices, policies and programs.
  • that when schools form equitable and authentic partnerships with families and community-based organizations to implement social and emotional learning programs and initiatives, the benefits to students, families and the community are maximized.
  • that students thrive when they have safe communities and schools where they can practice social and emotional learning skills beyond the classroom. 



Connect local SEL stakeholders to learn and share best practices


Build community and statewide awareness for SEL and its impact


Support high-quality, equity-focused SEL practice and professional learning


Advocate for equity-focused state and local policies and funding to support SEL